Dr. Renee Bazan

Dr. Renee Bazan, Medical Director
Cypress, Texas

The KAAWS Clinic upholds an excellent standard of care for all patients while relieving the financial stress felt by so many pet parents. We demonstrate the fact that everyone can afford quality pet care. At The KAAWS Clinic, we treat your fur-babies like the valued family members they are.

How Our Clinic Saves You Money

In an effort to keep our prices as low as possible and accommodate the volume of guests we examine, we require that all the pets we serve be in good health and feeling well. Your pet’s health and safety is our top priority. Vaccines are most effective and Surgery recovery is optimal when performed with a healthy immune system. If our veterinary team discovers an issue or concern regarding your pet, we partner with a network of terrific referral practices to ensure the quality care your pet needs is available. Our prices are low because we are able to specialize and maintain a limited supply of diagnostics, medications, and equipment – thus, passing the savings on to you!

The KAAWS Clinic strives to build a lasting relationship with our surrounding community and plans to continue offering low cost options for everyone. We are thankful to all of our clients who have helped us come this far and help remind us why we do what we do!

The Heart Behind The KAAWS Clinic

Every idea and dream has a source of inspiration; Kathy Andrews is the heart and soul of The KAAWS Clinic. I first met Ms. Andrews as a client with Long Drive Dog and Cat Hospital in South Houston in 2000. Since 1993 she and her family were devoted to the rescue of many animals, including dogs, cats, cockatiels, and guinea pigs. She would care for each one as if they were her own and find homes for them with diligence and dedication. Ms. Andrews was a firm believer in the kindness of a humane end to prevent intolerable suffering, but she especially cherished the “old” and “ugly” throwaways that no one else wanted. She upheld the idea that every animal deserved an equal chance of life and spent her life ensuring that they were given that chance.

Ms. Andrews introduced me to the nonprofit side of veterinary medicine and opened my eyes to the possibilities of veterinary care for all people and their pets. I was fortunate to have worked with her briefly in 2007. In August of 2007 she was diagnosed with stage four metastasized lung cancer and died peacefully with her family around her on January 12, 2008. Her daughter, Amy Jones, found homes for all of her dogs and still receives updates from some of the new families. Her legacy lives on in her daughter who continues to work with nonprofit organizations and the rescue of animals.

I would like to thank Amy Jones for sharing her memories and photographs of Ms. Kathy Andrews. She gave me a priceless gift that I hope I can continue to share. -Renee Bazan, DVM

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